Jan 162015

On Tuesday, SC Attorney General made a call to action for South Carolina legislators to pass reform to domestic violence laws in South Carolina.

SCCADVASA’s Executive Director, Sara Barber, spoke at this rally that happened in the Statehouse rotunda. Here is what she said,

IMG_20150113_114259250Stories of heartbreaking tragedy and loss like the one Christian just shared have been, and continue to be, far too common in our state. The silhouettes around us serve as a stark reminder of mothers and daughters, fathers and sons who have been taken from life and loved ones by extreme acts of domestic violence.

 Many others continue to live in the tangled knot of domestic violence, held there by an overwhelming mixture of factors such as love, fear, faith, shame, guilt, financial instability or a lack of access to resources that could help. It is time for us as a state to ask survivors about their hopes and dreams, how systems can support their path forward, and to work towards solutions that meet the realities of their lives and needs. It is time that we no longer accept domestic violence as an ongoing tradition in our communities. It is time that we seek to address the cultural environment in which domestic violence continues to thrive.

 Passing legislation that improves the ability of law enforcement and prosecutors to hold offenders accountable on many levels will be a meaningful and important step in this effort. Many of those gathered here today have been important leaders in building the momentum necessary to make meaningful changes to the legal landscape against which we address these crimes. On behalf of all the agencies working with survivors of domestic violence, I thank you for shining a light on an issue that even with 36,000 incidents reported to law enforcement each year, remains in many ways a silent epidemic.

 Let’s not waste this momentum that has been built. It is time for us to make sure that positive change occurs, time to take action to make our state’s promise of “smiling faces, beautiful places” a reality for all our families and to show those who have experienced abuse from a loved one that we believe their lives matter.


You can read more about this call to action rally here: Post and Courier 

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