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Can We Just Get Past the Buddy System Already?
By Olivia London, Primary Prevention and Specialized Advocacy Coordinator

I wanted to go to a Beyoncé concert and I didn’t. Why? I didn’t have a buddy. And all of a sudden there was that just-below-the-surface anxiety that by going into a crowded concert stadium alone I would get kidnapped, dragged into a bathroom, raped, trafficked, lost forever, murdered, or some combination. Where does that anxiety come from? Many of us have heard all our lives to stick with a friend for safety and definitely never go out alone at night. It’s the best/only way to stay safe, right?! And if you’re anything like me, then you also love going places alone and are tired of worried voices telling you that it's a bad idea. [...] | Read More »

Guiding Questions:

What are your thoughts on how to make our communities safer for everyone? What do you want to see at events and social spaces to feel confident going out alone?

4 Times It's Okay To Ghost Someone 

By Nyomi Guzman, Former Prevention and Inclusion Specialist

It’s likely that you’ve been told ghosting someone is a bad thing to do, and that it says something about your character if you stop responding to someone. But what about when you need to not talk to someone for your own safety or well-being? Contrary to popular belief, there are times when it is okay to [....] | Read More »

Guiding Questions:

Have you ever ghosted or been ghosted by someone in your life? What are your thoughts on ways to effectively end toxic relationships?

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  • Let's Talk Consent! (Available Spring 2019)

    What is Consent? Why and when it necessary to practice consent? How should one ask for consent?

  • Think Before You Ghost: 5 Times It's Ok To Ghost Someone (Available Spring 2019)

    Discusses the Millennial phenomenon of ghosting and when it is or isn't okay to "ghost" others. Where and when do you draw a line in the sand? What are the consequences and benefits of doing so?

  • Sex Education In The Bible Belt (Available Spring 2019)

    Sex and health education below the Mason Dixon differs greatly from what is taught in other regions of the U.S. What are the implications for this? Why is it so taboo for adults to talk sex with their younger counterparts? How do we better engage millennials and the generations following in conversations about sex, love, and relationships. 

  • Revenge Porn (Available Spring 2019)

    What is revenge porn? When did it become such a widely known phenomenon? How does it affect teens? How do Millennials protect themselves from such occurrences? Where do readers find more information and help if they are currently dealing with an incident?

  • Online & Mobile Dating Applications (Available Spring 2019)

    How has the world of dating changed in the emergence of mobile dating apps? What is the new dating safety protocol now that so much access and opportunity are given to the average internet user? What does this mean for Millennials new to the dating scene and survivors trying to protect themselves from perpetrators?

  • Catfishing: How Virtual Sock Puppet Personas Have Taken Over The Internet (Available Spring 2019)

    Exploring the catfish phenomenon and how the art of deception managed to rise in the advent of social media and online dating.