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Centering Voices Roundtable at SCCADVASA

SCCADVASA has had several roundtables for member organizations that provide training, capacity building and resource sharing around various victim service provider roles, such as a Volunteer Coordinator Roundtable, Clinicians Roundtable and the College Consortium, to name a few. Beginning in March 2017, SCCADVASA added a new roundtable to it's lineup: Centering Voices. The purpose of this roundtable is to connect SCCADVASA’s member organizations and representatives from local LGBTQ+ organizations to foster a space of education and advocacy to understand the unique barriers faced by this underserved community in order to create more inclusive services, share resources, and bring awareness.

Why "Centering Voices?" We believe that it is crucial to center the voices of this community and other traditionally marginalized, undeserved and unheard communities in order to identify barriers and create effective change that will allow folks to more easily and safely access victim services. We also hope to establish a space where representatives from member organizations, allies, and LGBTQ+ individuals can connect and collaborate on community projects and initiatives and to ensure all services, programs, and curriculum are inclusive, culturally humble and trauma-informed.

In honor of Pride Month, we would like to extend the invitation to anyone already working in or with the LGBTQ+ community or anyone working with victims of intimate partner or sexual violence to join the conversation. Your voice is important to us and as we learn and grow together, we are growing our services and access to the queer community in South Carolina. Help us keep folks safer and braver than before. If you're interested in attending a meeting or would like more information, please contact Page Chilton, Community Change and Communications Coordinator at

Upcoming Meetings:

June 13 12:30-2:30
September 12 12:30-2:30
December 12 12:30-2:30

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