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Featured Image for Back to School Prevention

Our August webinar learning opportunity on August 18, 2017 at 10:00AM - 11:00AM, facilitated by Olivia London, Coordinator of Primary Prevention and Specialized Advocacy at SCCADVASA, will help us prepare for back-to-school season.

As educators, administrators, and families are gearing up for students returning to school, we will discuss how to effectively prevent sexual abuse, sexual violence, and dating violence experienced by youth. Participants will learn the content and implications of both the South Carolina Domestic Violence Law and Erin’s Law for work within schools, what those laws require from schools, and some of the complications with implementation. With an understanding of the legal framework, participants will strategize on how these laws can be utilized within their schools and will also consider ways to go above and beyond the requirements of the law to truly create safe environments and effective prevention programs. Participants will have the opportunity to strategize on how to use their roles within schools to advocate for violence prevention programming and services.

If you have not previously registered for our training registration system, Coalition Manager, you can learn how by going to our FAQ page.

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Featured Image for Beyond Abuse Celebrates 25 Years of Service

Beyond Abuse is celebrating their 25th Anniversary this month. Their mission is to lead our community beyond sexual violence and child abuse through awareness, advocacy and action. Services provided by Beyond Abuse include complete confidentiality, 24/7 crisis response, advocacy, counseling, assistance with filing victim’s compensation, and facilitation of awareness and education programs.  In addition, children ages 17 and under who are referred by law enforcement agencies or the Department of Social Services may receive forensic interviews and/or child maltreatment exams.

In 1977, they were chartered as the “Rape Crisis Council” and staffed by a group of concerned citizen volunteers to provide emergency response and advocacy to the victims of sexual violence. By 1992, they secured their 501(c)3 non-profit status and hired an Executive Director to coordinate the programs in Greenwood County. The next year, their services expanded to include Laurens County.

 The organization sought a name change in 1997, to Sexual Trauma and Counseling Center and by 1999 they had expanded even further to Abbeville County. 2003 brought a significant change as the organization added an accredited Children's Advocacy Program to their service reach.

It wasn't until 2013 that they changed their name to its current title, Beyond Abuse, to better represent the services that were being provided and the mission of the organization. This year, they opened a Client Services Center in Laurens County, to provide easier access to services for victims in surrounding area. They are also planning this year the grand opening of new Administrative Offices adjacent to the already existing Greenwood Client Services Center, renovation to the Greenwood Client Services Center to increase forensic interview and therapy capacity and, of course, their 25th anniversary celebration!

Join Beyond Abuse to help them celebrate this momentous occasion by attending their Paint and Pour!

When: Tuesday, July 25, 2017, 6:00PM - 8:00PM.
Where: The Arts Center, 120 Main Street, Greenwood, SC

Tickets $25    ***wine and cheese provided***

Call (864) 227-1623 to reserve your seat

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Featured Image for He choked me: Strangulation Within the Context of Domestic and Sexual Violence

Our next webinar learning opportunity is on Thursday, July 27, 2017, 10:00AM - 11:00AM with Brian Bennett. Brian has 20 years of law enforcement experience with specialization and training in the area of domestic violence.

Strangulation is a potentially lethal form of domestic violence and sexual assault that occurs with a frequency unrecognized by many professionals working in all areas of response to these crimes. As a South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy Training Instructor, Brian will provide a foundational webinar that will: 

1. Educate participants on the need for increased awareness about strangulation. 
2. Increase participants’ ability to identify when strangulation has occurred. 
3. Enhance participants’ knowledge and understanding of working with victims who have been strangled. 
4. Increase capacity to improve policies and practices in working with victims. 
5. Strengthen offender accountability and ultimately improve victim safety.  

If you have not previously registered for our training registration system, Coalition Manager, you can learn how on our FAQ page.

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