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Featured Image for He choked me: Strangulation Within the Context of Domestic and Sexual Violence

Our next webinar learning opportunity is on Thursday, July 27, 2017, 10:00AM - 11:00AM with Brian Bennett. Brian has 20 years of law enforcement experience with specialization and training in the area of domestic violence.

Strangulation is a potentially lethal form of domestic violence and sexual assault that occurs with a frequency unrecognized by many professionals working in all areas of response to these crimes. As a South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy Training Instructor, Brian will provide a foundational webinar that will: 

1. Educate participants on the need for increased awareness about strangulation. 
2. Increase participants’ ability to identify when strangulation has occurred. 
3. Enhance participants’ knowledge and understanding of working with victims who have been strangled. 
4. Increase capacity to improve policies and practices in working with victims. 
5. Strengthen offender accountability and ultimately improve victim safety.  

If you have not previously registered for our training registration system, Coalition Manager, you can learn how on our FAQ page.

Register Here

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