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What Can You Do to Prevent Sexual Violence?

As a response to the ever growing and impactful #MeToo movement, we’re launching a campaign, calling South Carolinians to action, to publicly declare what they #CanDo. Let's start a conversation about things we can do to respond to and prevent sexual violence. The campaign will take place on social media, meaning we will post your photo and your quote on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The campaign will launch at the beginning of April for Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). If you would like to participate, we need a photo (or selfie) you want to use, and a quote about what you #CanDo to prevent sexual violence, change culture and support survivors. You can participate as a group or as individuals.

What do you think? This year’s nationwide SAAM theme is Embrace Your Voice, and we believe that your voice has the power to change culture and help prevent sexual assault in South Carolina! Join us by emailing your #CanDo quote and photo by mid-March to! Also, please share this around in your various networks: friend, family, faith and professional communities. We want this to be HUGE!

For more insight to what the campaign will look like, you can see what MECASA has done!



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