Mar 202015
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Jan 202015

south_carolina_statehouse2The South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (SCCADVASA) released the statement below from Executive Director Sara Barber today in response to the unanimous referral of S.3 from subcommittee to the Senate’s full Judiciary committee.

Between 2007 and 2011, women in South Carolina were twice as likely to be shot to death by their partners than the average American woman. S.3 would protect South Carolina families by prohibiting convicted domestic abusers and individuals subject to domestic violence orders of protection from legally possessing firearms.

Attorney General Alan Wilson, Senator Larry Martin and Speaker of the House, Jay Lucas, along with more than three dozen public officials – elected representatives, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, victim advocates, and domestic violence survivors – came together earlier this week at the State House to declare their shared commitment to do more to reduce domestic violence in South Carolina.


We are so pleased to see lawmakers from both chambers and both sides of the aisle embrace the need to do more to hold domestic abusers accountable for their actions. By increasing penalties on domestic violence offenders and placing reasonable limits on firearm possession, S.3 marks an important step forward for South Carolina and its renewed dedication to protecting women and families across our state.  This bill would go a long way to reducing the high cost of domestic violence on our families and in our communities.

“We urge lawmakers to consider reasonable measures that will ensure individuals who have been convicted of domestic violence or found through a due process legal proceeding to pose a danger to a partner in a domestic relationship do not have legal access to firearms. We look forward to working with lawmakers to incorporate these public safety measures into the bill.

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Jan 162015

On Tuesday, SC Attorney General made a call to action for South Carolina legislators to pass reform to domestic violence laws in South Carolina.

SCCADVASA’s Executive Director, Sara Barber, spoke at this rally that happened in the Statehouse rotunda. Here is what she said,

IMG_20150113_114259250Stories of heartbreaking tragedy and loss like the one Christian just shared have been, and continue to be, far too common in our state. The silhouettes around us serve as a stark reminder of mothers and daughters, fathers and sons who have been taken from life and loved ones by extreme acts of domestic violence.

 Many others continue to live in the tangled knot of domestic violence, held there by an overwhelming mixture of factors such as love, fear, faith, shame, guilt, financial instability or a lack of access to resources that could help. It is time for us as a state to ask survivors about their hopes and dreams, how systems can support their path forward, and to work towards solutions that meet the realities of their lives and needs. It is time that we no longer accept domestic violence as an ongoing tradition in our communities. It is time that we seek to address the cultural environment in which domestic violence continues to thrive.

 Passing legislation that improves the ability of law enforcement and prosecutors to hold offenders accountable on many levels will be a meaningful and important step in this effort. Many of those gathered here today have been important leaders in building the momentum necessary to make meaningful changes to the legal landscape against which we address these crimes. On behalf of all the agencies working with survivors of domestic violence, I thank you for shining a light on an issue that even with 36,000 incidents reported to law enforcement each year, remains in many ways a silent epidemic.

 Let’s not waste this momentum that has been built. It is time for us to make sure that positive change occurs, time to take action to make our state’s promise of “smiling faces, beautiful places” a reality for all our families and to show those who have experienced abuse from a loved one that we believe their lives matter.


You can read more about this call to action rally here: Post and Courier 

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Dec 022014

Dear Friends,

 2014 has been a momentous year for SCCADVASA – a year of strengthening our foundation and re/defining who we are as a coalition. In January, the Board of Directors which had always been comprised completely of member program representatives, welcomed community members from across the state into its ranks. The five new community-based board members, Pam Belkevitz, Hope Blakely, Kelli Scurry, Eddie Weinberg and Valerie Williams worked alongside member program representatives Ginny Waller, Becky Callaham, Lynn Hawkins, Kay Mixon and Tracy Bowie and Interim Executive Director Colleen Campbell Bozard to ensure continued forward momentum that honored SCCADVASA’s past while preparing the organization for further transition.

 The Board focused on four primary goals in 2014, including continuing the search for a new Executive Director. Colleen Campbell Bozard worked closely with Ginny Waller and the Executive Transition Committee, which was made up of board members and other community leaders, to recruit and interview candidates. After an exhaustive search, the Committee was pleased to announce the appointment of Sara Barber to the Executive Director position at SCCADVASA’s annual meeting in May.

 Under the leadership of Ginny Waller, Becky Callaham, Sharon Wilkinson and Rebecca Williams-Agee, SCCADVASA’s Legislative Committee grew in leaps and bounds. After many years of being spread too thinly, the committee focused on drawing in individuals and organizations outside of SCCADVASA’s traditional partnerships to help build consensus on legislation. The committee also renewed its commitment to evaluating the various concerns of SCCADVASA’s membership and the community in regards to sexual assault and domestic violence and to measuring its efficacy. In June, H. 3361 a bill to allow for the inclusion of pets in orders of protection that the committee supported was signed into law. The committee is currently focusing its efforts on addressing victim confidentiality and domestic violence homicide reduction. Both Sara Barber and Becky Callaham have provided testimony to the CDV Reform Committee.

 Two ad-hoc committees were formed to address additional goals around increasing awareness of SCCADVASA and membership benefits and responsibilities. The ad-hoc Public Relations Committee, led by Pam Belkavitz, began its work by developing an elevator speech for board members to ensure consistency when discussing the organization. Over the summer, the ad-hoc Membership Committee led by Tracy Bowie and Amanda Wozniak-Woodruff, began the large task of reviewing and revising membership levels and benefits to not only help retain current members, but to also help attract new members.

 I want to thank Lynn Hawkins, Kay Mixon, Ginny Waller, Becky Callaham and Tracy Bowie, all of whom will be transitioning off the board, for their leadership and service this year. When SCCADVASA’s board convenes in January 2015, it will be comprised of ten community members and four member program representatives. Under the leadership of the board and executive director and with the support of its member programs in 2015, SCCADVASA is truly poised to unite allies and unify voices across the state to demand an end to sexual assault and domestic violence.


Kristin Dubrowski

2014 Board Chair

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Oct 022014

Governor Haley Signs Domestic Violence Awareness Month Proclamation


2014 Domestic Violence Proclamation

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Sep 252014

IMAG0591The Columbia Museum of Art and SCCADVASA teamed up to present ¡Fuerza! This exhibition is located in the Community Gallery and confronts Domestic Violence through art. The exhibit opened on September 23rd and will remain open until November 30th, 2014.

The artwork in ¡Fuerza! is based on a short story by Robert Chambers, and includes a narrative set of 12 graphic novel-style panels by local Hispanic artists. SCCADVASA created brochures specifically for this event, which are stationed near the artwork for those that may need support and advocacy-based services.

The artwork is incredibly powerful and poignant. We would like to invite all of our community allies to support this event and the talented artists, all of whom recognize domestic violence as a serious political-social issue and used their talents to express a taboo matter through art.

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Sep 232014

south_carolina_statehouse2On September 17th the first hearing of the Criminal Domestic Violence Reform Committee met. The panel was appointed in the wake of The Post and Courier’s multi-part series titled “Till death do us part,” about South Carolina’s staggering death toll from domestic violence. Rep. Shannon Erickson chairs the 10-member committee made up of Reps. Gilda Cobb-Hunter, MaryGail Douglas, Ralph Kennedy, Deborah Long, Peter McCoy Jr., Robert Ridgeway III, Eddie Tallon, Sr., Anne Thayer, and David Weeks.

The committee heard from experts and professionals from a diversity of backgrounds. Each person, in some capacity, has a connection to the process in which a victim and perpetrator may go through during a criminal domestic violence incident. Some of the speakers included Seventh Circuit Solicitor Barry Barnette, Police Academy instructor Brian Bennet, Chief Judge for the City of Columbia Dana Turner and the executive director of Safe Harbor, Becky Callaham.

SCCADVASA’s Executive Director, Sara Barber, gave her testimony and fielded questions from the committee as well. “Domestic violence is a complex issue without a single easy solution.” Sara stated to the committee. Offender accountability, closing funding gaps and increased enforcement of current gun restrictions were a few of Sara’s proposed solutions. You can read Sara’s entire testimony here:

Testimony to the House Criminal Domestic Violence Reform Committee

The panel’s next meeting is scheduled for Oct. 7


SC House Committee on Criminal Domestic Violence Reform


You can view the entire hearing on the SC Legislative website. The video is filed under “Wednesday, September 17, 2014 9:30 am, Criminal Domestic Violence Reform Committee”

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Sep 092014

In light of recent news regarding professional football athletes, we want to say thank you to some of the biggest names in South Carolina football.

This is a PSA from 2011 that coaches Spurrier, Swinney and Pough speak out against domestic violence.


This is Coach Spurrier’s most recent comments on domestic violence during a press conference.

This is Coach Swinney sharing his personal experience with domestic violence.

Thanks to Coach Spurrier and Swinney for their continued focus on holding perpetrators of domestic violence accountable for their violence.  We appreciate their challenge to others to do the same.


Being in a relationship with someone shouldn’t make you question your self-worth or your safety.  If your partner is emotionally, mentally, or physically abusive—it is not your fault.  If you recognize friends using unhealthy relationship behaviors, say something.  If you think you or your friend is in an abusive relationship, contact these national hotlines; for domestic abuse call 1.800.799.7233, for sexual assault call 1.800.656.4673.

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May 282014

SCCADVASA is thrilled to announce our new Executive Director, Sara Barber, who will officially begin on Monday, June 9th!

“When the executive transition committee was formed last year, we made a commitment to SCCADVASA that we would find the right candidate to bring the new mission and vision to fruition,” said Kristin Dubrowski, Board Chair. “We took this commitment very seriously and went through many rounds of resumes and interviews – and at times even questioned whether our standards were too high. Fortunately, Sara proved that our standards weren’t too high, but that we just hadn’t found the right candidate yet. Sara’s passion for the work, her strategic problem-solving skills, her thirst for knowledge and her diplomatic demeanor will make her an ideal leader for SCCADVASA.”

Sara Barber, SCCADVASA Executive Director

Sara Barber, SCCADVASA Executive Director

Sara has a Certificate in Nonprofit Management, an M.A. in Criminology and Criminal Justice and will complete United Way’s Blueprint for Leadership program this June. Sara also brings nearly 14 years of experience working in the DV field to SCCADVASA and is currently the executive director of the Domestic Abuse Center (DAC) in Columbia. Throughout her employment at DAC her focus has been on victim safety and offender accountability. Sara has also been an invaluable member of SCCADVASA’s legislative committee for the 2014 legislative session and is committed to furthering her knowledge of sexual assault issues.



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Mar 072014

For Immediate Release:  March 7, 2014

Contact for SCCADVASA: Interim Executive Director, Colleen Campbell Bozard,

Contact for NNEDV:  Monica McLaughlin, 202-543-5566;


 Nearly 66,000 Domestic Violence Victims Helped On a Single Day, But Almost 10,000 Requests for Help Go Unanswered

 COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA – March 7, 2014 – Yesterday, the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) released a new research report that found, in a single 24-hour period, more than 66,000 victims of domestic violence received help and support from service organizations in the United States, yet nearly 10,000 more who needed assistance could not be helped due to a lack of adequate resources.

In South Carolina, 475 victims received services in that 24-hour period, but 16 could not be helped because local programs here in South Carolina didn’t have sufficient resources.

“Domestic violence is still not a priority in South Carolina,” says SCCADVASA Interim Executive Director, Colleen Campbell Bozard. “This was clearly evidenced by the recent publication by the Violence Policy Center that ranked South Carolina #1 in the nation for women who are killed by men, more than double the national average.  South Carolina has been ranked in the top ten for ten years and has ranked #1 for a total of three years.”

The report, “Domestic Violence Counts 2013: A 24-hour Census of Domestic Violence Shelters and Services,” examined a random day, September 17, 2013, and collected information from 1649 domestic violence programs throughout the United States from midnight to midnight on that day. It identifies needs that were met and unmet on that day and provides a snapshot of how budget cuts are affecting the staffing and resources of these organizations.

Key findings for South Carolina include this 24-hour data from September 17, 2013:

  •  135 calls to domestic violence hotlines were answered
  • 131 individuals were educated on domestic violence during trainings conducted by local programs
  • 16 requests from domestic violence victims were turned down because programs did not have the resources to provide them, including requests for emergency shelter, housing, transportation, childcare and legal representation
  • The majority of unmet requests were from victims who had chosen to flee their abusers, and were seeking safe emergency or transitional housing
  •  Across South Carolina, 13 staff positions were eliminated in the past year and most of these positions were direct services, such as shelter or legal advocates, so there were fewer advocates to answer calls for help.

“Every day in this country, victims of domestic violence are bravely reaching out for help, and it’s essential that they have somewhere safe to go,” said Kim Gandy, President and CEO of the NNEDV.  “We have made so much progress toward ending violence and giving survivors avenues for safety.  But continued program cuts jeopardize that progress and jeopardize the lives of victims.”

“Every day in this country, victims of domestic violence are bravely reaching out for help, and it’s essential that they have somewhere safe to go,” said Kim Gandy, President and CEO of the NNEDV.  “We have made so much progress toward ending violence and giving survivors avenues for safety.  But continued program cuts jeopardize that progress and jeopardize the lives of victims.”

When nationwide program providers were asked what most likely happens when services are not available, 60% said the most likely outcome was that victims returned to their abusers, 27% said the victims become homeless, and 11% said that victims end up living in their cars.

The research also shows initial impacts of the new guidelines in the Affordable Care Act, which require healthcare providers to screen patients for domestic violence and refer victims to services. Data collected for this study shows that since these guidelines have been in effect, there has been an 18.5% increase in referrals received nationwide by domestic violence programs; a number that experts predict will only increase as the ACA takes full effect.

The number of unmet needs is related to the financial resources of these programs. In 2013, 1,696 staff positions were cut due to funding reductions, an average of 1.2 staff per program. Of the staff that were cut in 2013, 70 percent were direct service positions, such as case managers, advocates, shelter staff, and child advocates.

 “We know that to be successful, it takes a full community response to alter the growing problem of domestic violence. Education, outreach and training using promising programs in the US as examples for the unique and sometimes complicated crime of domestic violence is critical. SC needs to provide meaningful resources to help victims, not excuses and cut programs,” said SCCADVASA Interim Executive Director Colleen Campbell Bozard.

Download the full “Domestic Violence Counts 2013” census report at

 ‐ ### ‐


The South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (SCCADVASA), is a statewide coalition made up of the 23 domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy programs in South Carolina. Since 1981, SCCADVASA has been a leader in representing the critical needs of survivors and their families. The mission of SCCADVASA is to end domestic violence and sexual assault in South Carolina by influencing public policy, advocating for social change and building capacity of member programs, organizations and communities across the state. To learn more about SCCADVASA, please visit

  About NNEDV

The National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV), a 501(c)(3) social change organization, is dedicated to creating a social, political and economic environment in which domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking no longer exist. As the leading voice for domestic violence victims and their allies, NNEDV members include all 56 of the state and territorial coalitions against domestic violence, including over 2,000 local programs. NNEDV has been a premiere national organization advancing the movement against domestic violence for almost 25 years, having led efforts among domestic violence advocates and survivors in urging Congress to pass the landmark Violence Against Women Act of 1994. To learn more about NNEDV, please visit


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