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Policy Update 1/21/14:

Thank you to the Judiciary Committee for approving the passage of S3 to the full Senate for consideration. We especially wish to thank Senators Martin and Hembree for their passionate leadership of the bill through the committee process and the other members of the subcommittee (Senators Allen, McElveen, Shealy and Turner) for their commitment to its passage. 

This bill will increase accountability for domestic violence offenders by changing the way these crimes are charged and prosecuted, and increase safety for victims by removing the rights of convicted offenders and those subject to orders of protection to legally possess firearms. The intersection between domestic violence and gun violence in our state casts a devastating toll—78% of domestic violence homicides in 2013 were committed with a gun.

Please contact your senator and let them know you support passage of S3, and that South Carolina says No More. #scsaysnomore

Show Your Support for Senate Bill 3!

It is time for domestic violence reform in our state. South Carolina currently ranks #2 in the nation for the number of women murdered by men. This statistic isn’t an anomaly. After being ranked #1 the previous year and for the past 17 years never going below the top 10, SC has a long and troubled history with domestic violence rates. It is time to support legal changes that help address this deadly statistic.

The South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault supports the changes proposed in Senate Bill 3 which would create tougher sentencing for individuals who have been found guilty of domestic violence, including a critical piece that will revoke gun ownership to prior offenders. Senate Bill 0003 is a bipartisan bill sponsored by Sen. Larry Martin (R-Pickens), Sen. Katrina Shealy (R-Lexington), Sen. Gerald Malloy (D-Darlington), Sen. John Coursen (R- Richland), Sen. Mike Fair (R-Greenville), Sen. Ross Turner (R-Greenville), Sen. Joel Lourie (D-Richland), & Sen. Greg Hembree (R-Horry).

Please take a moment to help victims of domestic violence and their children. Call, email or write your senator today, urging him/her to support Senate Bill 3!

Not sure what to say? Use our sample letter!

Christan Rainey, whose mother and siblings were shot and killed by his stepfather speaks about the importance of passing S.3 if we are serious about working towards reducing the toll of domestic violence.

S.3 will  revoke convicted offenders’ ability to legally possess firearms and give law enforcement and prosecutors more tools to hold abusers accountable for committing this crime. The bill will have its first hearing on Tuesday, January 20 at 1pm.  Call your Senator to urge them to support this important legislation.