Batterers’ Intervention


Batterers’ Intervention

A batterer’s intervention program (BIP) is a program that batterers attend, most often as a part of a legal system response to their crime. Batterers may also attend a program voluntarily. A BIP can play an important role in a coordinated community response to intimate partner violence, but it is important that victim safety and offender accountability remain the primary goals of a BIP. Education and rehabilitation of the batterer are other goals a BIP may seek to meet. In SC, the Department of Social Services oversees approval of BIP programs across the state.

Key Elements of an Effective BIP include:

  • Partnering with other individuals and organizations to enhance accountability and of­fer a range of services
  • Working closely with court and probation to monitor court-ordered referrals to BIPs
  • Creating a solid program infrastructure, which includes having ongoing training and supervision of staff and implementing policies that are consistent with best practices
  • Developing coordinated community responses that go beyond legal sanctions
  • Shaping interventions and programs based on input from adult survivors and children
  • Using risk assessment and risk management to provide more effective interventions for individual men who batter
  • Engaging men early in their role as parents and partners

For a list of approved Batterer Intervention Programs, click here

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