Domestic Violence and HIV


The national prevalence of intimate partner violence for women overall is about 36%. According to the National Network to End Domestic Violence, over half (55%) of women living with HIV experienced intimate partner violence– a significantly higher percentage.

  • Victims of domestic violence are 48% more likely to be infected than women in non-violent relationships
  • Women experiencing DV are at a higher risk for HIV/AIDS because they might…
    • Be forced to have sex with an infected partner
    • Have limited ability to negotiate safe sex practices
  • HIV-positive women who have been recently abused are more than 4 times as likely to experience antiretroviral therapy failure or to not practice safe sex compared to women who have not been recently abused
  • In a study of HIV service providers, 24% reported at least one patient who disclosed their HIV status and then experienced physical abuse. 45% of providers had patients who feared physical abuse upon disclosure.


Click here for a link to a fact sheet about the intersection of HIV/AIDS and domestic violence.

Click here for a link to the full NNEDV Positively Safe Program Resource Toolkit.

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