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SCCADVASA’s knowledgeable and experienced staff provides extensive in-person and online trainings on issues impacting survivors of sexual and domestic violence. Most of these training opportunities provide credit hours for victim service providers, attorneys, law enforcement, or social workers.  Education is crucial to our efforts to eradicate sexual and domestic violence across South Carolina.  For questions about one of our upcoming training events, or to schedule a training for your organization, please contact SCCADVASA’s Training Coordinator, Donna Thompson, at or (803) 256-2900.

Upcoming Events (Click link to register or for more info)

This webinar will discuss the underlying issues that surround sexual and intimate partner violence, including societal and cultural oppression, but also focusing on the individual needs underserved and marginalized communities may have when reaching out for services.  The presentation will examine why the occurrence of intimate and sexual violence in SC is so high, and some basic ways in which service providers can be more aware of what historical trauma is, and how understanding this trauma can better equip them to advocate for individuals who may have experienced such trauma.

11/2-3- 2015 Domestic Violence Conference- “Learning from our Past: Looking to our Future” (Conference Brochure)

Participants will receive information designed to increase awareness, competency, and sensitivity in direct services for all professions; receive recommendations on “best collaborative practices” for professionals providing services to victims of domestic violence; be provided information to enhance communication, trust and relationships between services providers, victims and survivors ; be provided information to enhance communication, trust and relationships between service providers, victims and survivors, and systems in general as a means to identify and alleviate gaps that exist within those structures.