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SCCADVASA’s knowledgeable and experienced staff provides extensive in-person and online trainings on issues impacting survivors of sexual and domestic violence. Most of these training opportunities provide credit hours for victim service providers, attorneys, law enforcement, or social workers.  Education is crucial to our efforts to eradicate sexual and domestic violence across South Carolina.  For questions about one of our upcoming training events, or to schedule a training for your organization, please contact SCCADVASA’s Training Coordinator, Courtney-Christie Paul, at or call (803) 256-2900.

8/26 Intersections of Sexual Assault and Stalking (Webinar)

This webinar will provide participants information about the prevalence of sexual assault and stalking, and how often these crimes intersect. Information regarding stalking tactics used by sexual assault perpetrators as a means to groom victims will be shared, in addition to the difference between behavioral and statutory stalking and what those differences should mean in regards to the advocate response to survivors. Participants will be given guidance around how to validate a survivors feelings, increase opportunities for intervention and increase offender accountability.

9/16 Approaching Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence through a Social Justice Framework (Webinar)

This presentation will provide attendees insight into approaching work with sexual and intimate partner violence survivors through a social justice framework.  Participants will be given a working definition of what a social justice framework is, and how it relates to the provision of intervention and prevention services for survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence, particularly within the context of South Carolina.  Attendees will be given guidance around how to re-frame the work they are doing through this lens to ensure that services and responses provided to all survivors are appropriate.

10/21 Domestic Violence and Child Custody: Understanding how Domestic Violence Affects Parental Rights, Roles and Responsibilities (Webinar)

This webinar will focus on how custody issues intersect with domestic violence, specifically regarding custody disputes and parental rights when one parent chooses to use violence against another.  This presentation will approach domestic violence through the lens that it is a parenting decision, and thus the effects this has on children are numerous.  It will also provide some legal information advocates should consider when working with survivors who feel as though they are not being well-protected in custody cases, and how to provide advocacy around that.


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SCCADVASA Training Schedule 2016

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