Training & Events


SCCADVASA’s knowledgeable and experienced staff provides extensive in-person and online trainings on issues impacting survivors of sexual and domestic violence. Most of these training opportunities provide credit hours for victim service providers, attorneys, law enforcement, or social workers.  Education is crucial to our efforts to eradicate sexual and domestic violence across South Carolina.  For questions about one of our upcoming training events, or to schedule a training for your organization, please contact SCCADVASA’s Training Coordinator, Donna Thompson, at or (803) 256-2900.

Upcoming Events (Click link to register or for more info)

01/16- WEBINAR SERIES: Social Networking

 This webinar will include a description of social networking sites, how they are used, and how they are involved in unhealthy relationship activities such as stalking, bullying, dating/interpersonal violence, and sexual violence.  As more and more individuals use social networks to communicate information with others about themselves, this will also give some insight into what we should take into consideration while interacting online.

01/23- WEBINAR SERIES: Fatality Review

This webinar will provide an overview of the Domestic Violence Fatality Review process.  Where to begin, who should be at the table, and what the long term goals of the review will be the general objectives of the training.  Existing reviews will be highlighted, in addition to specific projects that have begun/are beginning in SC.

 02/9-02/11- Victim Service Provider Core Certification

Certification and continuing education requirement for victim services providers.