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SCCADVASA’s knowledgeable and experienced staff provides extensive in-person and online trainings on issues impacting survivors of sexual and domestic violence. Most of these training opportunities provide credit hours for victim service providers, attorneys, law enforcement, or social workers.  Education is crucial to our efforts to eradicate sexual and domestic violence across South Carolina.  For questions about one of our upcoming training events, or to schedule a training for your organization, please contact SCCADVASA’s Training Coordinator, Donna Thompson, at or (803) 256-2900.

Upcoming Events (Click link to register or for more info)


7/18/14  Webinar Series: Upstander Intervention 

When someone sees sexual or intimate partner violence occurring, or about to occur, it is incredibly common that they remain silent, unfortunately. Many times, this is because they do not know exactly what to do—how to intervene, how to stop what is happening. This webinar will discuss some common scenarios that bystanders may experience when it comes to these types of violence, and some strategies on what to do if they are ever placed in that position. We want bystanders to be Active Upstanders, because those people who are willing and able to intervene can be what saves an individual from becoming a victim of sexual or intimate partner violence.

7/25/14  Confidential and Ethical Communication

Attendees will be provided an in-depth legal overview of confidentiality requirements at both the Federal and State Levels in regards to their work with families experiencing violence, including how these requirements may differ. Attendees will be given an overview of the dynamics of confidentiality and ethical communication, including why adhering to these forms of communication are best practice when working with survivors. Training attendees will have the opportunity to implement the information they have been provided through case scenarios with trainers and peers.

8/6-8/14  Victim Service Provider Core Certification Training


8/15/14  Webinar Series: LGBTQ Model Protocol: Providing Comprehensive, Competent Services


8/15/14  Advocating for the Needs and Safety of Children

Participants will be able to identify children who are experiencing the negative effects of having been exposed to Domestic Violence; recognize the impact that domestic violence can have on children, including factors that may contribute to its negative effects; identify and provide comprehensive services to children exposed to Domestic Violence, refer individuals to the resources and services within their community that can help children exposed to domestic.

10/20-21/14  SCCADVASA’s Annual Domestic Violence Conference 2014