Before I register…


SCCADVASA uses a Training Registration System to help manage all of our trainings. Anyone wishing to register for trainings, conferences, or webinars hosted by SCCADVASA must first have access to the Training Registration System. Once you have been approved access to the System, you do not need to apply for access again. Always use the same username to log in for any future trainings, conferences, and webinars.

Here is how you gain access to the Training Registration System:

If you are staff, an intern, or a volunteer at a SCCADVASA member organization, use your Coalition Manager profile to log in and register for your training of choice.  Click here to log in and register for your training. If you do not yet have a username or password, contact your Executive Director or Administrator and ask them to get you registered in Coalition Manager.

If you are NOT staff at a SCCADVASA member organization , you must apply for access to the training registration system.  Fill out the webform here to request access. Once you receive access to the Registration System you can use your username (your email address) and password to register for any training, webinar, and conference hosted by SCCADVASA.


Please note: By filling out the webform you are requesting access to SCCADVASA’s Training Registration System. It DOES NOT mean you have registered for a training. Once you receive your password (via email), log into the Registration System and register under the Trainings tab. You are fully registered for a training when you receive a confirmation email with the training confirmation number.

How to register once you have a username and password in the Training Registration System:

Once you fill out the webform requesting access to the Training Registration System and click submit, you will receive an email from with your password within 5 business days. Emails are often flagged as spam; check your junk folder regularly. SCCADVASA reserves sole discretion to approve or deny access to the System. Abuse of the System or failure to attend multiple trainings for which you have registered could result in being denied access to the System.

Use your username (your email address) and the password to log into the System. Click on the “Trainings” tab at the top and click on “Training Events.” Scroll down to see a list of available trainings. Click on “Add Event Registration” to register for a particular training of interest. When you are successfully registered for a training you will receive a confirmation email (at the same address you used for your profile).

Contact with questions about the Training Registration System. For emergencies, please view our member organizations and call the 24 hour hotline in your county.

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