SCCADVASA hosts a monthly webinar series, which are short, easy-to-attend trainings that Victim Service Providers or other allies can use to keep their skills sharp. These webinars are approved for VSP continuing education credit and usually last between 1-1 ½ hours.

To register for a webinar, log into Coalition Manager and click on Trainings. Click here for more information about Coalition Manager, SCCADVASA’s Training Registration System, or to apply for access to the system.


 Upcoming Webinars:

Lindsey Jacobs with SC Victims Assistance Network will give an overview of orders of protection and restraining orders.  This webinar will address 2015 changes to the law, RO's verses DVPO's in practice and problem areas.  The importance of mutual restraining orders, jurisdiction questions and strategic appeals will also be addressed.  Finally, participants will have the opportunity to ask specific questions.  Participants are strongly encouraged to attend the webinar with at least one question in mind More...relating to restraining and/or protective orders.


  •  July 27, 2017, 10:00 - 11:00AM:  "He choked me."  Strangulation within the context of domestic and sexual violence

    Strangulation is a potentially lethal form of domestic violence and sexual assault that occurs with a frequency unrecognized by many professionals working in all areas of response to these crimes. South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy Training Instructor Brian Bennett will provide a foundational webinar that will:
    1. Educate participants on the need for increased awareness about strangulation.
    2. Increase participants’ ability to identify when strangulation has occurred.
    3. Enhance participants’ knowledge and understanding of working with victims who have been strangled.
    4. Increase capacity to improve policies and practices in working with victims.
    5. Strengthen offender accountability and ultimately improve victim safety


As educators, administrators, and families are gearing up for students returning to school, we will discuss how to effectively prevent sexual abuse, sexual violence, and dating violence experienced by youth. Participants will learn the content and implications of both the South Carolina Domestic Violence Law and Erin’s Law for work within schools, what those laws require from schools, and some of the complications with implementation. With an understanding of the legal framework, participants will strategize on how these laws can be utilized within their schools and will also consider ways to go above and beyond the requirements of the law to truly create safe environments and effective prevention programs. Participants will have the opportunity to strategize on how to use their roles within schools to advocate for violence prevention programming and services.


For more information about SCCADVASA’s webinars or other trainings or to give suggestions of future training topics email registration@sccadvasa.org.