SCCADVASA hosts a monthly webinar series, which are short, easy-to-attend trainings that Victim Service Providers or other allies can use to keep their skills sharp. These webinars are approved for VSP continuing education credit and usually last between 1-1 ½ hours.

To register for a webinar, log into Coalition Manager and click on Trainings. Click here for more information about Coalition Manager, SCCADVASA’s Training Registration System, or to apply for access to the system.

 Upcoming Webinars:        

October 13, 10:00am - 11:00am:  Trauma-Informed Telephone Crisis Response with Primary & Secondary Survivors of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

A victim service provider sits at their desk with paperwork mounted sky-high. A colleague sits across from them, venting about a recent work frustration. The phone rings and it is a person in crisis, needing immediate assistance and launching right away into the intimate details of their crisis. This is a scene that is very familiar to almost every victim service provider.

Join SCCADVASA for our October webinar where we will discuss ways to navigate telephone crisis response and handle difficult telephone calls. The facilitator will use case scenarios to discuss ways to be present with the caller, to collect relevant information, and to provide accurate information and referrals in a manner that lessens further trauma to the caller. Robert’s Crisis Intervention Model will be used as one example of a strategy to assist with triaging and resolving crises


  • Increase knowledge about ways to navigate crisis response with primary and secondary survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence that lessens their crisis and diminishes further trauma;
  • Discuss one example of a crisis intervention strategy to assist in providing survivor-centered care in short timeframes;
  • Discuss tips for navigating difficult or inappropriate calls.


For more information about SCCADVASA’s webinars or other trainings or to give suggestions of future training topics email registration@sccadvasa.org.