Why Prevention


What is Primary Prevention?

Prevention is a systematic process that promotes healthy environments and behaviors and reduces the likelihood or frequency of violence against women. Primary prevention is taking action before violence against women occurs.

What is Violence Against Women?

Violence against women is a worldwide problem including sexual violence, intimate partner violence and dating violence. These types of violence take place throughout the lifespan including child sexual abuse and abuse of elders. International efforts often use the term “gender based violence.” In the United States the term “Violence Against women” is the term used. Male victims of sexual violence and domestic violence are typically included in the overall problem of “violence against women” when used generally.

While the vast majority of men and boys do not commit sexual violence and intimate partner violence, or dating violence, the vast majority of violence against women, as well as violence against men and boys, is committed by men. The current approach to reducing and eliminating such violence is seeing men and boys are part of the solution instead of seeing them as the problem. There is a world-wide movement to engage men and boys in our work as our allies in ending violence against women.

In 2009, SCCADVASA launched its first prevention campaign – “Show Your Strength SC“.  This campaign is designed to help young men and boys send the strong message, “My Strength is Not for Hurting.”

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