Charity Collier
Systems Advocacy Coordinator

Charity Collier has an extensive background working in multiple systems and in voluntary work with a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault program in Boston. Prior to joining SCCADVASA, Charity was the project coordinator for Chatham County’s Breaking The Cycle (Stepping Up) initiative. An initiative through the Chatham County (Savannah, GA) Sheriff’s Office which is breaking the cycle for people with mental illness in the criminal justice system. Charity has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology and a Certificate in Addiction Counseling, both from the University of Massachusetts- Boston. Charity is a licensed substance abuse counselor and advocates for mental health and mental illnesses. Charity began her advocacy work at St. Francis House, the largest homeless day shelter in Boston, MA.

In 2017 Charity received a Master of Arts in Mindfulness Studies. Charity practices as well as teaches meditation and mindfulness and is a Reiki Master. Charity combines her educations to bring a mind, body, and spirit approach to her work.

Charity is a proud Bostonian, who now lives in South Carolina with husband Jeff and stepson.