Relationships 101

REALationships101 Overview

SCCADVASA has made a long-term commitment to empower and educate our statewide community with essential insights about healthy relationships as a part of an overarching effort to eradicate domestic and sexual violence in South Carolina once and for all. Through the launch of our healthy relationship campaign, we aim to convey positive messages to our young people about the importance of healthy relationships, how to identify them, and a wealth of other resources and supportive content that could inspire them to use healthier relationship practices with their personal and professional lives.


SCCADVASA launches new campaign to create awareness around healthy relationships


The birth of the #MeToo era has charged communities across the globe with increasing efforts to engage in a more intentional, on-going dialogue about healthy relationships, consent, and respect. Developing innovative and effective approaches to engaging communities in the prevention work necessary to ignite transformative social and cultural change is one of the primary priorities of the South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (SCCADVASA), which has long stood at the forefront of leadership of domestic violence and sexual assault prevention across the state. SCCADVASA is committed to building the space in which healing and prevention can happen and works to change our communities’ relationship with violence by promoting healthy relationships and empowerment practices that increase safety for everyone.

Recently, TJX Foundation awarded SCCADVASA a $20,000 grant as a part of its global aim to offer value to communities by helping vulnerable populations access the resources and opportunities they need to build a better future. With this grant, SCCADVASA is launching a new digital campaign this fall to build awareness of the role and power of healthy relationship practices, both online and off. It’s no secret that the digital ecosystem has sparked a horde of unique challenges in the navigation of social interaction and relationship building. The Internet brings a surplus of options for users to digest when it comes to connecting with others and growing their digital presence, and it is vital to consider the impact online dating and social networking platforms have on the social behavior of our young people. If we are to build a pathway to engagement in changing our society’s relationship with violence, we must speak honestly and directly to those we most want to reach within the platforms where they spend so much of their time.

The new healthy relationships campaign will promote consent, respect, trust, and the value of our personal space—ideas that should be particularly helpful in a time where young people are constantly inundated with instances of violence and toxic relationship practices, such as bullying and harassment, behind the screens of their mobile devices. It stands on a hope that our community can become more informed about the some of the most pressing issues affecting our youth and families today through a lens of inclusivity, empathy, and purposeful social action.

To learn more about SCCADVASA’s new campaign or to donate to support its programs, contact us at 803-256-

2900 or P.O. Box 7776 Columbia, SC 29202.