Public Policy

SCCADVASA works proactively to increase the awareness of how laws and policies impact the lives and healing of survivors of sexual and domestic violence. Our policy focus areas are determined by our member organizations’ experience of emerging and ongoing needs at the community level. SCCADVASA strives to make sure these needs are heard, understood, and acted upon by our state legislators and congressional delegation.

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Get Involved:

You can help ensure that the voices of survivors are heard in the statehouse and on Capitol Hill by calling your legislators, senators and representatives. Learn about the issues, stay informed and make your voice heard.

Improving Services to Incarcerated Survivors (Enhancing PREA Project)

SCCADVASA staff work with advocates at rape crisis centers and staff at federal, state, and local corrections institutions and juvenile detention centers across South Carolina to provide in-service trainings and regional and state conferences to ensure that incarcerated survivors of sexual assault and rape have access to victim-centered, trauma-focused care. The Coalition also works with community partners to increase collaboration and improve capacity by supporting the development and continual improvement of policies and practices for services to incarcerated survivors.

Human Trafficking Project

As a member of the Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Task Force, SCCADVASA is at the forefront of advocacy for the creation and continual improvement of prevention and intervention services for victims and survivors of labor and sex trafficking. When the issue of human trafficking first became a priority at the state Attorney General’s office, SCCADVASA was a key player in the formation of the AG’s Task Force and in the development of our current state legislation, which is one of the strongest in the country. As a leader of the Direct Services Workgroup, a subcommittee of the Task Force, SCCADVASA works alongside the Department of Social Services, the Department of Juvenile Justice, child advocacy centers, sexual assault and domestic violence centers, and other nonprofit groups to create and implement model policies and practices for direct service provision to survivors of trafficking in our state. SCCADVASA also provides technical assistance and professional development training to member organizations and allies to improve their professional knowledge and capacity to provide services to this population.

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Systemic Advocacy Work

SCCADVASA plays a vital role as a link between direct service providers, state legislators, and policy developers to amplify the voice of all survivors. We understand that sometimes seemingly simple things can become very real roadblocks for survivors and victims of trauma, preventing them from accessing care. Whether it is as members of the Governor’s Domestic Violence Task Force or the Immigrant Victim Network, or through our advocacy work with allies such as the Department of Education or the Department of Social Services, SCCADVASA brings a unified voice to address systemic needs. SCCADVASA advocates for systems that work for survivors instead of against survivors.

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