Statewide Conferences and Regional Trainings

Upcoming SCCADVASA Conferences and Regional Trainings

SCCADVASA hosts annual conferences and regional trainings, as well as supports other partner’s events, that train professionals on a variety of topics related to victim service provision.  These trainings are opportunities for professionals to learn from state and national experts on best-practices, while networking with other allies from around the state of South Carolina. These trainings can last a day or more and usually provide continuing education credit for a variety of professional disciplines. Consult the events page for each conference/training for more information. Email SCCADVASA’s Training Team at with questions about conferences or trainings.


Widening Pathways: Improving Access for Survivors with Disabilities Conference, Thursday, September 23rd – Friday, September 24th, 2021

Understanding how to provide the reasonable accommodations that survivors with disabilities need to access services is critically important for those who provide advocacy and direct services. However, we need to move beyond disability rights to a more holistic approach that involves the inclusion of individuals with disabilities voices in assessment and service care.

This training will provide attendees with the knowledge of how to ensure services are accessible and address disability justice principles:

  • Intersectionality: “We do not live single issue lives” –Audre Lorde.
  • Leadership of Those Most Impacted: “We are led by those who most know these systems.”
  • Recognizing Wholeness: Each person is full of history, life experience, and inherent worth.
  • Centeredness in Community Support and Intervention:
    • All children and adults should have ways to build skills needed for safety.
    • Education must be free, inclusive, and accessible.
    • It should be provided in multiple languages, including sign languages.
    • People who are disabled should be both teachers and students.
  • Commitment to Cross-Movement Organizing: Shifting how social justice movements understand disability and contextualize ableism, disability justice lends itself to politics of alliance.
  • Sustainability: We pace ourselves, individually and collectively, to be sustained long term. Our embodied experiences guide us toward ongoing justice and liberation.

Keynote Speaker (confirmed): Stephanie Woodward, Co-Founder Disability EmpowHer Network

More details & registration information will be added as the conference date approaches.