Peace by Piece Graphic

We’re all connected.

We’re all a part of the solution.

What is your piece of the puzzle to bring peace to survivors of domestic & sexual violence?

The last year few years offered us all an opportunity to reflect on which pieces of life should be centered, which should be placed on the edge to provide a strong frame, and those which may not serve us well as we build our own individual puzzle.

In October 2020, in correlation with Domestic Violence Awareness Month, SCCADVASA launched the inaugural Peace by Peace campaign, an annual fundraising and awareness event.

Utilizing the image of a jigsaw puzzle reminds us that each piece of a puzzle is an important part of the whole. Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) has many different manifestations including physical and emotional abuse, financial entanglement, use of licit and illicit substances, and misuse/abuse of children and its victims and survivors come from every part of the community – regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation and economic status.

“Even in times of rapid change, critical truths remain. The epidemic of violence that creates cascading impacts of harm in our communities is not inevitable. And in truth, all of us hold a piece of the puzzle in building an effective framework of prevention. Now is the time to reflect upon, and determine, which piece you hold.” – Sara Barber, Executive Director of SCCADVASA. 

What unique skills or talents can you bring to address these complex issues?

What is your part in helping to attain our vision of a violence free S.C.?

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