Puzzle Missing One Piece

Our 3rd Annual Peace by Piece campaign is a fundraising and awareness event where we ask you to consider the role you can fulfill in attaining a South Carolina free from violence. We truly believe that everyone has something to offer and everyone can make a difference in their own communities. YOU are the missing piece.

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) has many different manifestations and survivors come from every part of the community. REMEMBER: Every One Knows Some One.

Today we ask you to join SCCADVASA’s Peace by Piece campaign and take your place as an immediate and critical piece of the puzzle in bringing peace to survivors — today and in the future.

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Consider using our “friend fundraising toolkit” to make an even greater impact by holding a peer-to-peer fundraiser in person or online this fall/winter.

YOU are the missing piece.

YOU are a part of the solution.

YOUR INVESTMENT is critical to break the cycle of violence for survivors, families, and communities.

We are grateful for YOU.

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