2021 Annual Impact Report Cover

Each year, SCCADVASA releases an Annual Impact Report to shed light on what has been accomplished towards our vision of a South Carolina free from domestic and sexual violence. We acknowledge that none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the dedication, support and generosity of our supporters, partners and friends. Below you will find a message from our Executive Director Sara Barber regarding this year’s report.

Dear supporters, partners and friends,

The negative impacts of domestic and sexual violence on our communities hide in plain sight. And while we may not witness it firsthand, on a daily basis, we are reminded of South Carolina’s legacy of violence through statistics, studies, and media coverage.

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the near constant news of suffering, but apathy in the face of this sustained level and legacy of pain and violence would be the worst impact of all.

To attain our vision of a South Carolina free from domestic violence and sexual assault, we need to change the direction of the river of violence that currently runs through our state. We cannot solely focus our efforts on rescuing those who are drowning. We must work to prevent them from falling into danger in the first place. And we must invest in prevention now to build a better society for the next generation, lessening the need for response after trauma.

We hope you will take the opportunity to review our 2021 Annual Impact Report (view a snapshot of our Training & Education Statistics below) which highlights all that was accomplished last year. All of which is only made possible by your ongoing support and incredible generosity.

We are grateful for both your presence and your support. You are an essential piece of the puzzle in preventing violence and bringing peace to survivors.


Sara Barber
SCCADVASA Executive Director

Ongoing support and investment from the community is key to SCCADVASA achieving our mission to bring about a #ViolenceFreeSC. We ask that you consider making a donation today so that we might continue our advocacy work for survivors.

Click here to view SCCADVASA’s Form 990 FY 2021.