You are the missing piece.

You are a part of the solution.

Your investment of time, talents and/or treasure is critical to breaking the cycle of violence for survivors, families, and in your own local community.

You Are The Missing Piece

To say that these past few years have been challenging for our member organizations, advocates, survivors, and all those touched by domestic and sexual violence would be a significant understatement. But despite these growing challenges, we remain firm in our commitment to increase prevention and decrease the endemic levels of violence that cause so much damage in families and communities. We continue to lead with hope and are unwavering in our support and advocacy of all those whose lives have been forever changed by domestic and sexual violence.

This year we launch our 3rd Annual Peace by Piece campaign — a fundraising and awareness event where we ask you to consider your role in attaining a South Carolina free from violence. 

By joining SCCADVASA’s Peace by Piece campaign,you become an immediate and critical piece of the puzzle in bringing peace to survivors — today and in the future. We are grateful for your commitment to end intimate partner violence and increase prevention efforts to build safer communities for all South Carolinians.

Utilizing the image of a jigsaw puzzle reminds us that each piece of a puzzle is an important part of the whole. Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) has many different manifestations including physical and emotional abuse, financial entanglement, use of licit and illicit substances, and misuse/abuse of children and its victims and survivors come from every part of the community – regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation and economic status.

We need your help. Will you support this critical work?

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