Prevention Tools: Teen Dating Violence

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REALationships 101: Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships have proven to increase our happiness, improve health and reduce stress. But the challenges one faces in relationships are inevitable. Test your relationship IQ and see how it compares to your peers by taking this brief quiz! 


Level Up: Preventing Teen Dating Violence

Negative beliefs and behaviors surrounding gender stereotypes and what it means to “Be a Man” are among us. We can change what the future looks like, starting with ourselves. **It’s time to hold yourself and others accountable. It’s time to Level Up with respect.  **It’s time to treat others like human beings, not objects to be conquered. It’ ...


Level Up for Change Website

This website is a comprehensive prevention website with our member organizations, community partners, and the general public. The website aims to increase the communities’ understanding of ways to promote healthy relationships in our communities and provide strategies to reduce the likelihood of sexual violence among youth.

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