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Know the Facts: COVID-19 Vaccines

This resource is a recording of a 1.5 hour webinar with Dr. Jane Kelly, Assistant State Epidemiologist from the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control to learn the scientific facts about COVID 19 and vaccines. This webinar took place on Thursday, March 26, 2021.


Tools and Resources for SANEs, FNEs, and Medical Providers during a Pandemic

The International Association of Forensic Nurse Examiners (IAFN) compiled a list of resources and links for medical providers who are conducting forensic medical examinations for victims of sexual assault and/or domestic violence during the COVID-19 pandemic.

End Abuse of People with Disabilities: Sustaining Services for Survivors with Disabilities During COVID-19

With the global rise of COVID-19, survivors with disabilities are finding themselves in increasingly vulnerable positions. Not only are people with disabilities more at risk of contracting COVID-19, but they are also more likely to rely on support services that make social distancing nearly impossible.


South Carolina COVID-19 Response and Resources from Appleseed Legal Justice Center

In the wake of school closure, economic shock and other unseen impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, Appleseed Legal Justice Center has created a comprehensive database for South Carolina families searching for answers about food access, housing, consumer protection, healthcare and other developments. They will be updating this resource for as long as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions Involving Courts and COVID-19

Since the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic began in the United States, state and local courthouses have closed or postponed hearings to slow the spread of the virus. Uncertainty about whether a courthouse is open or if a hearing is still scheduled can be frustrating and frightening. has compiled these resources and our Frequently Asked Questions to help navigate this rapidly changing ...

Summary of New Requirements for Private Employers Under First Coronavirus Response Act

On March 18, 2020, President Trump signed into law new legislation in response to the coronavirus disease 2019 (“COVID-19”) pandemic. Both houses of Congress overwhelmingly voted in support of the legislation with the Senate passing it by a vote of 90-8 just hours before the President signed it. The law takes effect within 15 days of enactment, which is April 2, 2020..

How to Operate as a Remote Workplace During a Public Health Crisis

During a public health crisis such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, when public health officials recommend “social distancing” to slow the spread of infection, technology such as remote access to files, instant messaging, and video calls may be used to maintain program operations while allowing staff and volunteers to work remotely. Many of these tools may be beneficial for mobile adv ...

Interim Guidance for Homeless Shelter

Plan, prepare and respond to coronavirus disease 2019 (from CDC)


Texas Council on Family Violence: COVID-19 Safety

TCFV compiled information for domestic violence leaders, advocates, and shelters to help prepare and respond to COVID-19.


Using Tech to Communicate with Survivors During a Public Health Crisis

When public health officials recommend "social distancing" to slow the spread of infection, technology such as video calls or web chats may be useful to connect with survivors remotely.