Disability Justice

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Moving Toward Disability Justice

Session with Michael Leach from the 2021 Widening Pathways conference.


Celebrating Systems Impact: Involving Law Enforcement In Our Work

Session with AccessJax from the 2021 Widening Pathways conference.AccessJax, the Office on Violence Against Women Disability Grant funded project in Jacksonville, Florida, is a partnership between the City of Jacksonville, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, the Center for Independent Living Jacksonville, and Hubbard House, the domestic violence agency that serves Jacksonville. The project te ...


The Neurobiology of Trauma: Understanding Victim Behavior & Implications Within The Criminal Justice Process

Session with Olga Trujillo (part 2) from the 2021 Widening Pathways conference.In this workshop Olga will combine her lived experience of violence with the science of trauma and violence on the brain to help participants explore how they may enhance their trauma-informed responses. This is interactive session that will examine the struggles criminal justice professionals face in handling dome ...


The Impact of Physical & Sexual Violence: A Personal Journey Revealed

Session with Olga Trujillo from the 2021 Widening Pathways conference.Olga Trujillo watched as her father abused her mother for years. As she was drawn into his abuse of her mother she was also sexually abused by her father and brothers. Ms. Trujillo, now an attorney, advocate and author, underwent a journey to understand the impact the violence she witnessed and endured - from the child abuse to ...


Crises & Conflicts: Using Disability Justice to Address Domestic Violence

Session with Justice Shorter from the 2021 Widening Pathways conference.A thought provoking session focused on how disability justice can be used to prevent, intervene and recover from crises and conflicts. With intentional acknowledgement of historical, structural, interpersonal and internal violence, this presentation aims to center/honor the experiences of those most marginalized in America. Jo ...


Empowerment: The Experiences of Survivors Living with Disabilities

Session with survivors of IPV/SA living with disabilities from the 2021 Widening Pathways conference.An important step in working toward disability justice is to make sure the voices of survivors living with disabilities are included. This panel session will feature survivors of intimate partner violence and sexual assault as they discuss their experiences and how various agencies can help. Dori T ...


Vulnerable Adults vs. People with Disabilities

Session with Kelly Cordell and Kimberly Tissot from the 2021 Widening Pathways conference.This presentation will explore the difference between a vulnerable adult and a person with a disability, discuss implicit bias towards people with disabilities, and legal responsibilities before labeling an individual vulnerable.


Beyond the Law: Navigating Services and Systems to Help Survivors with Disabilities

Session with Stephanie Woodward from the 2021 Widening Pathways conference.Disability Rights attorney and domestic violence survivor Stephanie Woodward shares her personal story with seeking help after her life was threatened. While sharing her experiences, she explains how disabled women encounter many barriers to seeking safety and support. Stephanie also discusses how we can use Disability Righ ...


Making Communication Accessible for All: Creating Accessible Documents for Your Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Agencies

This is a recording of a webinar from Friday, 6/18. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that adults with disabilities make up about 26.3% of the population in South Carolina, a rate that is slightly higher than the national average of 25.6%. There is a lack of state-level data on the number of service center clients with disabilities, due in part to the limitations of s ...

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Webinars Related to Disabilities

This document lists links to useful webinars on topics related to disabilities. 


Resources in Plain Language

This document lists links to resources that are already in plain language. You can use these resources with survivors or as examples. 


Learning About Plain Language

This document contains links to useful resources to help you learn about plain language.


Learning About Alt Text

This document includes links to information about alternate text, or "alt text." Alt text is a text description of an image. It is used so that people using screen reading software can access a written description of an image. 


SCCADVASA Virtual Conference - Widening Pathways: Improving Access and Services for Survivors with Disabilities

People with disabilities experience violence at a rate three times higher than individuals without disabilities. Social isolation, reliance on assistance equipment and/or other individuals to access services, and compounded health complications not only increase risk of victimization, but also can create challenges for victim/survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence to receive services fo ...

South Carolina Association of the Deaf

Click on the resource to visit the website for this organization. SCAD's mission is to advocate for full accessibility and to improve the quality of life for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people in South Carolina. Their website has information on interpreters in SC, training opportunities, and other resources. 

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South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind

Click on the resource to go the website for the SC School for the Deaf and Blind. This organization is the statewide leader in education and accessibility for individuals who are deaf, blind, or sensory multi-disabled.

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Resources for Creating an Inclusive Environment for People who are Deaf or Disabled

Click on the resource to go to a website with tools for creating inclusive environments. This website includes downloadable resources for virtual events, in-person events, and print materials. This resource is provided by End Abuse of People with Disabilities. 


Eight Step Plan for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Survivors of Sexual Assault

Click on the resource to download a tool on providing advocacy services to survivors of sexual assault who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. This resource was provided by the Resource Sharing Project. 

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Review Tool: Accessibility & Responsiveness for Survivors with Disabilities

Click on the resource to download the Accessibility Responsiveness Tool, which provides a framework for domestic violence, sexual violence, and disability service organizations to think about the “when, where, what, and how” of providing inclusive, accessible, trauma-informed, and responsive services. This resource was provided by the Safety First Initiative, which is a local collabora ...


Disability Etiquette

Click on the resource to download a publication that discusses basic tips to follow to when interacting with a person with a disability. The main point is that whenever in doubt, just ask! This resource was provided by the United Spinal Association.


Moving at the Speed of Trust: Disability Justice and Transformative Justice

Click on the resource link to go to a web page to download a recording of an online conversation conducted in April 2020 about the intersections of disability justice and transformative justice. This resource was provided by the Barnard Center for Research on Women and includes the recording, transcript of the conversation, and accompanying materials.



Click on the resource link to go to Able's website. This non-profit organization provides in-state support for technical assistance, individual services and disability representation.