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Safe Stays by ReloShare

Safe Stays by ReloShare is a new, free-to-use hotel booking website designed to make it faster and easier to book hotel rooms for crime survivors. Now, Safe Stays users can search for and book rooms at hotels under an alias and with no credit card or ID requirement at check-in. Victim Services Agencies work directly with victims/survivors to get them set up with this program. Check out o ...


BestyBnB Website: General Information

Every heart deserves a safe & loving home. BestyBnB works hand-in-hand, heart-to-heart, keeping families and their pets safe, connected, and together! Less than 5% of Domestic Violence Shelters can house pets. Of the 10 Million+ people abused annually in the U.S., half do not seek help. The #1 reason? They can’t bring their beloved pet(s).BestyBnB has created a highly secure and cus ...


BestyBnB Overview for DV Agencies

BestyBnB was born out of the Founders’ mission to keep pets and people safe, connected, and together. At BestyBnB we believe every heart deserves a safe and loving home.Over 50% of callers to 24-hour abuse hotlines seeking help DO NOT leave their abuser when they learn they CANNOT bring their Pet. This is the #1 barrier preventing victims from seeking immediate ...


BestyBNB FAQ and Pricing

BestyBnB was created to keep people and pets safe, connected, and together. The company was founded to provide organizations, pet parents, and pet caregivers cutting edge technology to create a better community for people and pets. At BestyBnB, we believe that every heart deserves a safe & loving home!


Staying Safer on the Streets

Click on the resource to download this safety planning tool for sexual violence survivors experiencing homelessness. This resource is provided by the Victim Rights Law Center.


National Coalition for the Homeless

Click on the resource to visit this website, which has access to information, resources, and tools to meet the needs of individuals experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity. 


Maintaining Safe and Stable Housing for Domestic Violence Survivors

Click on the resource link to download a manual for attorneys and advocates  assisting domestic violence survivors who are at risk of losing their housing or who need to improve the safety of their housing. This resource was provided by the National Housing Law Project.


Recording: Infectious Disease Preparedness Among Homeless Assistance Providers

Recorded webinar from HUD on Infectious Disease Preparedness, March 10, 2020.