This webinar aims to enhance collaborative services between victim advocates and attorneys to best meet the legal needs of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. We will emphasize the importance of transparency for survivors, including options, benefits, and possible consequences in the legal process. The training will further examine the roles, common goals, and differences between an attorney and a victim advocate. The ultimate goal of the training is to provide a holistic, trauma-informed approach to assisting survivors by enhancing working relationships between attorneys and advocates.



  1. Managing Expectations – Explore ways in which both victim advocates and attorneys can provide survivors with realistic expectations so survivors can make the best choice for them within the legal system or otherwise.
  2. Transparency– Provide an overview of the importance of transparency regarding roles and limitations of confidentiality. Explain the difference between advocate confidentiality versus attorney-client privilege.
  3. Limitation of the Legal System – Increase understanding of the limitation of the legal system which helps manage expectation of all parties involved.
  4. Building Relationships: Referral & Resources – Provide insights and examples of best practices for collaborative partnerships, enhancing communication, ways to enhance warm handoffs, and help support survivors through phases of the legal process.

This webinar has been approved for 1.5 hours of VSP credit

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