The Women’s Empowerment Network (WEN) is a space for women of color in the victim service field. It is a space where we can connect about our shared — and also different — experiences and support each other. This meeting’s topic is a Part 2 to our last meeting about Intersectionality.


The collective vision of WEN is to uplift the voices, lived experiences and cultural leadership of women of color through a racial equity and intersectional lens. Through this roundtable, we take a holistic approach to enhancing and empowering women of color to excel in leadership and other areas of their lives by recognizing their strengths and capacity to lead within their respective organizations and communities.


The WEN roundtable seeks to empower members to reach optimal levels of success in all areas of their lives. This roundtable is committed to helping women of color build positive collaborative relationships with other community leaders, statewide partners, and members within their organization. We support the ideas of members of this roundtable and increase their capacity to make positive improvements both professionally and personally through training and coaching.


  1. Identify challenges WOC face among systems; provide support, resources, and training needs to address identified challenges more effectively; as well as increase services provision success provided by represented agencies to their target communities.
  2. Address the diverse and intersecting needs and concerns of members by providing culturally specific applications and technical assistance.
  3. Create a safe space where women can come together to network, share resources and discuss issues relevant to their specific job responsibilities and collectively discuss best practices to effectively serve themselves and those they serve.
  4. Practice self-care & build community
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