SC Legal Assistance to Victims Program & Other Legal Services

Understanding systems and legal options can be critical to survivors achieving their desired outcomes. Fortunately, certain legal services are available to survivors at no cost throughout the state. There are also many non-profit and private organizations that provide these services.

Addressing Victim / Survivor Needs

Survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, and stalking/harassment often have legal questions after the assault or event occurred. In domestic violence cases, survivors may have questions related to victim rights, protective orders, custody, or divorce. Sexual Assault survivors may have questions about any number of issues including privacy, safety, employment, education/Title IX proceedings, victim rights, immigration concerns, and/or other civil remedies.  Interested in joining our team of pro bono and contract attorneys? Click here to complete our interest form.

SCCADVASA’s Legal Team & Services 

Three main ways SCCADVASA can assist our Member Organizations:

  1. Subpoena/Record Request Defense – Complete our contact form selecting “Legal Assistance” from the dropdown
  2. Technical Assistance – SCCADVASA attorneys can answer general legal questions or help an advocate refer a survivor to the appropriate legal organization for assistance. Complete our contact form selecting “Legal Assistance” from the dropdown
  3. Legal Assistance to Victims Program – SCCADVASA works with attorneys throughout the state who provide legal assistance to victims on a variety of legal issues, frequently at no cost to the victim. To refer a case to SCCADVASA for placement with one of our contract attorneys, Member Organizations can begin by filling out our Conflict Check Form. Members can contact us to request access to this form. After SCCADVASA confirms there is no conflict, we will reach out to the advocate for more information about the case. Please remember that victims should not be referred to SCCADVASA directly. The contract attorney referral program must be initiated by a Member Organization advocate or authorized community partner.

Other Legal Assistance Programs in South Carolina

  • South Carolina Legal Services (no-cost services) – SCLS can assist survivors with orders of protection, divorce based on physical abuse, and immigration concerns, among other matters. 
  • South Carolina Victim Assistance Network, Legal Department (no-cost services)- SCVAN’s legal team can assist with Title IX matters, victim rights consultations, general consultations, and immigration matters, among other legal concerns. 
  • Catholic Charities Immigration Legal Services (low-cost services) – Catholic Charities focuses on assisting with immigration concerns and offers services at low cost to survivors. If a member organization advocate feels that a survivor cannot afford the cost of these services, contact SCCADAVASA to help cover the fees. 

Human Trafficking Specific Referral Sources 

  • Charleston Pro Bono Legal Services (no cost services) – Charleston Pro Bono has a dedicated attorney who specifically serves the legal needs of human trafficking survivors.

Pro Bono and Contract Attorney Interest Form

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*provide direct legal representation to one of South Carolina’s 22 domestic violence and sexual assault agencies in responding to subpoenas or other third-party requests for confidential victim records.