Faith communities play a significant role in the lives of victims, abusers, and their families. Victims and survivors often turn to their place of worship for guidance and support.  

Victims need to know that their pastor, priest or other faith leader can define domestic violence, knows the signs, and is prepared to respond. Preaching about domestic violence creates a culture where victims feel able to talk to their faith leaders about concerns in their relationships.  

For abusers, hearing preaching against domestic violence from the pulpit carries weight and communicates that abuse is never okay. Clear communication that domestic violence is wrong can help all members of the congregation understand the importance of healthy, respectful relationships. The resources listed below include sermon outlines, suggested sermons, and preaching tips to assist faith leaders in responding to and preventing domestic violence in their communities.  

Please note that while these resources represent the Christian faith, SCCADVASA welcomes the opportunity to partner with leaders of other faith communities to develop this type of guidance. If you are interested in collaborating, please contact us at [email protected].   


Why It’s Important to Preach About Domestic Violence  

Tips for Preaching About Domestic Violence  

Suggested Bible Readings: Old and New Testaments

Sermon Outline: Old Testament  

Sermon Outline: New Testament 

Suggested Sermon: “Go and Do Likewise”  

Suggested Sermon: “Whistling in the Dark”   

How to Respond to Victims in Crisis

Additional Knowledge & Resources from the S.C. Faith-Based Task Force