eLearning for VSP Credit

SCCADVASA hosts webinars on key issues impacting victims, survivors, and victim service provision. Victim Service Providers (VSPs) are now able to take the eLearning trainings listed below for VSP credit, if they have not already watched the webinar.

To get VSP credit, you must register for the course, watch the complete webinar recording, download any resources in the lessons, and pass the quiz with an 80%.

Safety for Those Who Stay

Providing Care for Victims of Strangulation

Strangulation is a frequently utilized method in domestic assault. However, this injury is often minimized or missed by those who provide care or services to the patient.

Speaker: Ellen Kennedy

1.5 hours of VSP credit available

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A flier for the webinar. The background is an image of a white woman in handcuffs with her head resting in her hands.

Imperfect Victims

Criminalized Survivors and the Promise of Abolition Feminism

This talk will document how the criminal legal system punishes survivors of violence.

Speaker: Leigh Goodmark

1.5 hours of VSP credit available

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The Ins and Outs of Civil Stalking

Or Harassment Restraining Orders in SC

This webinar will focus on understanding the legal definition of stalking and harassment in South Carolina and the requirements for filing a civil Complaint and Motion for a Stalking and Harassment Restraining Order.

1.5 hours of VSP credit available

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The Critical Intersections of Sex Trafficking

and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives

The presenter will explore the critical intersection of sex trafficking and murdered and missing indigenous relatives and offer support and training around the historical connections of Tribal cultures, impacts, policy, sovereignty, and traditional values.

Speaker: Nicole Matthews

1.25 hours of VSP credit available

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Responding to Violent Behavior with the Three Trees of Change

Emotional Resilience, Cognitive Consonance & Behavioral Efficacy

This webinar will introduce participants to effective practices in working with individuals who engage in violence. The Three Trees of Change will be explored within the framework of static, stable, and acute risk factors.

Speaker: Ben Motley

1.75 hours of VSP credit available

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Trauma Informed Investigative Response

to Sexual Assault and IPV Victims

Victims react to the psychological trauma of sexual assault and intimate partner violence in various ways. In order to ensure that survivors receive the support and services that they need during the criminal legal process, it is important to understand the key principles of a trauma-informed response.

Speaker: Lt. Mark Wynn (Ret.)

1.5 hours of VSP credit available

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