Don’t Stand By

For far too long, our culture has allowed and even endorsed disrespectful, misogynistic behavior and attitudes towards women. It is this very culture that breeds sexual violence.

Take Action this Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)

When you see behaviors that encourage sexual violence like catcalls, innuendos, inappropriate comments, and harassment — don’t stand by, step in.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (#SAAM2022) takes place during the month of April to increase public awareness about sexual violence and educate communities about how it can be prevented. Building on our 2021 theme “Everyone Has a Role to Play”, SCCADVASA is launching the “Don’t Stand By” campaign which calls for bystanders to act when they hear or witness inappropriate behavior, sexual harassment and/or violence.

Utilizing the hashtag #DontStandBy, we will encourage a greater level of community and bystander accountability when it comes to violence.

We will also amplify this year’s NSVRC Theme: “Building Safe Online Spaces Together” which once again highlights that sexual harassment, assault, and abuse can happen anywhere, including in online spaces. Online safety is possible when we practice digital consent, intervene when we see harmful content and behaviors, and promote online communities that value respect, inclusion, and safety.

Get Involved

Join us this #SAAM to show support for survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence during the entire month of April 2022 by doing any of the below.

Help us spread the word on the importance of bystander accountability and need for a cultural shift in our attitudes related to women and harassment.

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