Talk About It.

Preventing sexual violence is possible. This Sexual Assault Awareness Month, we encourage you to embrace awkward.

Take Action this Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)

Make a commitment to get out of your comfort zone and start a conversation with your partner and the young people in your life.

a Black father speaks to his young son with text that says 'Preventing sexual violence is possible. Embrace awkward. Talk about It. #SAAM2023 #TalkAboutIt' includes SCCADVASA logo

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (#SAAM2023) takes place during the month of April to increase public awareness about sexual violence and educate communities about how it can be prevented. Building on our 2022 theme “Don’t Stand By” campaign and our 2023 #LevelUpForChange Prevention Digital Campaign, SCCADVASA is launching the “Talk About It” campaign.

Although it can feel awkward, if we do not consistently speak to our young people about boundaries, consent, and sex, how well are we preparing them to have safe and fulfilling sexual lives when they become adults? We’ve got to #TalkAboutIt.

Preventing sexual violence, especially among youth, means it is critical we teach our kids in an age-appropriate manner to understand and respect boundaries, know what healthy (and unhealthy) relationships look like, be equipped to talk with their partner about physical intimacy before it happens, and know that consent is required every time.

We will also amplify this year’s NSVRC Theme: “Drawing Connections: Prevention Demands Equity” which calls on all individuals, communities, organizations, and institutions to change ourselves and the systems surrounding us to build racial equity and respect as essential foundations for prevention work.

Get Involved

Join us this #SAAM to prevent sexual violence and show support for survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence during the entire month of April 2022 by doing any of the below.

Help us spread the word on the importance of prevention and need for greater individual and community involvement when it comes to educating our youth about what it means to be responsible sexual citizens.

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